Family members play a pivotal role in helping students explore career options and pursue their post-grad plans. There are many ways you as a family member can support your student in his or her career planning.

Explore Majors

Whether they have changed a few times or have had trouble finding even one major, MU students must choose a major to successfully graduate.

Career Services

Learn more about the numerous career resources available to all MU students and alumni. There are a total of nine career offices on MU campus.

Career Options

Many times students have difficulty making career choices. Discover how to best assist your student in his or her career planning.

Job Search

If your student is on the brink of an internship or job search, there are numerous resources to use to maximize the effectiveness of a search before contacting employers.

Campus Resources

The MU Career Center is just one of several campus departments that your student should tap into.


You aren't the first family member to have questions! Look over answers to commonly asked questions.