10 Ways to Motivate You to Study!

Now that we’re back from the Thanksgiving holiday, academics should be your primary focus heading into finals week. Most students have tests, papers, and projects looming in the next two weeks so your friends at the MU Career Center wanted to offer some suggestions on how to stay motivated (to avoid Red Bull-fueled study sessions and Venti sized all-nighters).

We are borrowing the advice from one of my favorite blogs, Planet of Success, called How to Get Motivated to Study. Please click the link to read the full article by Steve Mueller. In it, he highlights 10 motivational strategies to help you study. here is the abbreviated version:

  1. Set a goal
  2. Reward yourself
  3. Just do it!
  4. Try things one step at a time
  5. Plug in music
  6. Think about success
  7. Have a positive attitude
  8. Squelch negative feelings
  9. Find a point of interest
  10. Avoid distractions

This blog is a definite read if you are procrastinating or feeling paralyzed by the mountain of work ahead of you. Take a quick read and see if you can use some of these techniques to help be successful in the final push of fall semester.

The MU Career Center sends its best to all Mizzou students working fast and furious to be the best students they can be! Good luck!