4 Steps To Bring You Career Cheer!

Hopefully by now you have had a little time to unwind and relax from the close of fall semester.  And while the next 4 weeks will likely be full of good food, family, friends and a few Netflix binges it’s important you take advantage of your down time to do a few things to help advance your career plans.  Here are four simple things you can do to ring in some “Career Cheer”!

1. Create or update your LinkedIn profile 

You’ve been meaning to do this and now you have the time to do it! A LinkedIn profile is good for researching majors and careers, seeking jobs and internships, and expanding your network of contacts. Need more convincing? Watch this video. The Career Center has a tone of resources to help you including an infographic, Guide to LinkedIn and more online advice. So no more excuses – you’ll be come a LinkedIn whiz in no time!

2. Reach out to references

Whether you need a summer internship, are seeking a full-time job, plan to apply to grad school or other scholarships and competitive programs, now is a great time to reach out to those you want to serve as your references. MU faculty and staff, work supervisors, former high school teachers and coaches all make great recommenders and the holidays are an ideal time to re-connect with them. Say hello, catch up on what’s been happening and ask if they are willing to serve as a positive reference for you. It’s great to ask in advance rather than making a last minute request with a short deadline.

3. Update your resume

I don’t know the last time you updated your resume, but if it’s been awhile, likely you need to do some tweaking!  Of course, add that summer internship or new part-time job, but also be sure to highlight new organizations you have joined, leadership roles you have assumed, relevant courses you have taken, and skills you have acquired or honed. Need some inspiration? Consult our sample resume online library or Guide to Resumes.

4. Join Handshake and apply for jobs!

Handshake is the job and internship site exclusively for Mizzou students and alumni. There are thousands of jobs posted by recruiters from all over the country and the world! If you haven’t logged in yet (or awhile) now’s a great time. Over winter break we will continue to monitor student registrations and  review and post job and internship announcements. You just need to upload your recently updates resume to start applying for positions. Still not sure? Watch these 2-minute training videos to see how you can easily leverage this cool platform for your job search.


You can do all of these things from the comfort of your home as long as you have a device and internet connection!  So grab a cup of cocoa and spend a little time this winter break doing a few career “to-dos” that will pay off in a big way!