5 Career Resolutions to Make 2018 Great!

It’s a new year and everyone likes to talk about resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with tackling super ambitious fitness goals or bucket list items like learning to speak French, but maybe you can do something that’s a bit simpler and can enhance your career planning and employment prospects. Here are 5 things you can do in the month of January to get 2018 off to a great start!

1. Refresh your “brand”

Spend a little time updating your resume and social media. No doubt you have acquired new skills, taken new courses, and perhaps had new experiences to highlight since the last time you updated your resume? Companies are already posting announcements for summer jobs and internships so be sure you are ready to apply. Need a resume? Visit www.HireMizzouTigers.com for advice and samples to get started. And don’t forget to review your social media accounts, scrubbing inappropriate content, refreshing the information, and engaging in more career-related content. Now is a great time to create/revise your LinkedIn account and be sure to take advantage of our upcoming LinkedIn Photo Days!

2. Join a professional group 

Most professions have an organized association whose mission is to advance that particular field and the interests of its members. As a student, you can join a professional group at a reduced or sometimes free membership rate and it is an exceptional way to generate networking contacts and knowledge about your field of interest. To get started, research organizations related to your major or intended career path and ask for recommendations from faculty and staff.

3. Get involved

Employers and graduate schools are looking for students who are well-rounded and have demonstarted involvement in their campus or local community. So in 2018 find a place to volunteer or join a new student organization. This is a great way to meet new people, gain skills, and explore leadership roles. I recommend attending the Involvement Fair on January 18th to kick start the process!

4. Visit the MU Career Center

Did you know the Career Center offers walk-in services from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day that classes are in session?  No appointment is needed. (Shocking, I know!) You can walk in right off the street and talk with one of our trained Career Specialists on any of your career needs whether that’s deciding a major, discussing post-grad plans, creating your resume, editing a cover letter, searching for jobs, preparing for interviews, or applying for graduate school. Our friendly and skilled staff will provide one-on-one assistance and share helpful resources to support you wherever you are on your career journey.

5. Create a profile on Handshake

The employment website for Mizzou students and alumni, HireMizzouTigers.com, is powered by the software, Handshake. This new career platform is a very effective tool to use in your job search. It takes just minutes to complete a profile (as one is started for you!) and once you upload a resume you’ll be able to access thousands of employers and job postings. The site features a variety of employment options from local/campus part-time jobs, summer internships, and full-time career opportunities across the U.S. And rather than just sifting though job postings, Handshake uses “discovery” (think Amazon suggestions) to recommend jobs and internships based on your career interests, geographic preferences and more. Don’t delay – you should login today!

So in less than the time you can watch one more episode of your favorite streaming show, take a moment now to complete a few of these steps to start off 2018 on a good note. You’ll feel great about accomplishing something (besides completing your Netflix binge) and you’ll be setting yourself up for future success!