5 Fun Places to Beat Summer Boredom in CoMo

Summers in Columbia can be relaxing, exciting, and tons of fun, but it’s easy to get in a rut of doing the same old things and going to the same old places. This is a list of unique places to go in Columbia to make your summer even more memorable.

  1. Cooper’s Landing:
    Who doesn’t love live music, great Thai food, and gorgeous sunsets? Cooper’s Landing has all of the above. Make sure you go at dusk to enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Missouri river.  It is located on the southside of town, and is a bit of a drive although it is worth it for Chim’s Thai Food Truck alone. Eclectic country and folk bands play live music on Wednesdays through Sundays. This is the perfect location for a relaxing summer evening.Address: 11505 Smith Hatchery Rd, Columbia, MO 65203
  1. Mug’s Up:
    It may not look like it, but Mug’s Up Drive-In makes some of the best root beer floats around. This cute little drive-in also makes unique burgers and delicious fries. A great alternative to your normal meal of a Chipotle burrito bowl.Address: 603 Orange St, Columbia, MO 65203
  1. Adam’s Wall of Books:
    Adam’s is every book lover’s dream and every person with OCD’s nightmare. This tiny little book shop is located on the edge of downtown Columbia. The shop has two aisles with bookshelves going to the ceiling and every inch of space filled. There are stacks of books on the floors and exploding out of corners. Although it may look haphazard, the owner and collector of the books knows where everything is. The books are fairly inexpensive, and is a great place to pick up a  unique and slightly battered copy of Crime and Punishment to impress your friends with your literary prowess. Unfortunately this eclectic shop is only open from 1-4pm on Saturdays.Address:917 Rollingwood Dr, Columbia, MO 65203
  1. Big Tree:
    Big Tree is exactly what it sounds like, a very big tree. This is a great place for a fun daytime picnic, or a night-time stargazing excursion. Big tree is also located near the Katy Trail, which is a great trail for biking or walking.Address: Burr Oak Road, Huntsdale, MO 65203 -> There is no real address to big tree, but you just drive down Burr Oak Road until you see a huge tree by the road surrounding by open fields.
  1. Canoe at Finger Lakes State Park:
    You can rent either a canoe or a Kayak and take it out on one of two different water trails. They both connect, so the more experienced or ambitious canoer could try to complete both. There is also a campsite in this park, so you could make a whole weekend out of it.  It costs $10 to rent a canoe for 2 hours, $5 for every additional hour, or $25 for the whole day. Kayak’s cost $15 for 2 hours, $5 for every additional hour, or $30 for the whole day.Address: 1505 Peabody Rd, Columbia, MO 65202. It can be a little difficult to find the place to rent canoes, but just follow the wooden signs and don’t be afraid to do a little exploring.