Application Materials

A Way With Words & Numbers (AWWWN) is a community-based non-profit program that teams undergraduate students from the University of Missouri with local elementary and middle school students to provide reading and math tutoring services. MU graduate students coordinate the program’s services and guide the undergraduates as they tutor the young learners. AWWWN supports MU college students to provide them an opportunity to motivate and positively influence youth in the community.

Undergraduate Students

Tutor – includes work study, volunteer, and service learning applicants

AWWWN provides tutors with all the training to deliver tutoring services effectively. Tutors also receive high-quality professional development through training and hands-on experiences. AWWWN currently offers both in-person and virtual tutoring, however virtual positions may be limited.

The following are tutor expectations and requirements that should be taken into consideration when applying for a tutoring position with A Way With Words & Numbers:

  • 3-4 hours of availability per week between the hours of 8:00 AM-7:00 PM, Monday-Friday
  • Attend all scheduled trainings, tutor meetings, and tutoring sessions and be a positive, active participant
  • Be a positive role model for the students with whom you are working and maintain professionalism

Graduate Students

Site Coordinator