Community Need

A Way With Words & Numbers (AWWWN) strives to make a difference by providing all of our tutoring services free of charge as a service to our community. Our tutors are highly-trained in effective instructional practices support young learners at-risk of falling behind in the core academic areas of reading and math.

Area schools and organizations currently ask for more tutors than we can provide. In order to satisfy this need, AWWWN is seeking additional funds. Gifts to the program allow us to purchase more educational materials and tutor resources so that we an better meet the needs of our community.

Funding Sources

A Way With Words & Numbers is sustained by federal dollars that are earmarked for university community service work study projects. The funding supports the programs’ students — it provides work study stipends for graduate student site coordinators and stipends for some of the program’s undergraduate tutors.

There is currently no funding to support the program’s administrative oversight and, over the last four years, federal funding has been reduced by half. As a result, the program had to reduce its number of work study students and currently cannot meet the region’s demand for tutors.

Private gifts can truly support the expansion of the program and will help attract the best MU undergraduate tutors and coordinators.

Area schools and organizations currently ask for more tutors than the program can provide, as they recognize its value. A Way With Words & Numbers helps learners stay at the appropriate academic level and prevents them from falling behind each year. In order to satisfy the need for more tutors A Way With Words & Numbers needs additional funds.


Would you consider sponsoring our organization by making a financial donation? Any amount you choose to give will be very appreciated by our program and the youth of our community. All gifts are tax deductible and can be made online or by mail.

Make an online gift in an easy, secure credit card transaction.

To make your gift through cash or check, please complete the donation form and mail to:

201 Student Success Center
Columbia, MO 65211

Contact us with any questions at or 573-882-5535.