Assisting International Students with Career Exploration

International students may encounter more career barriers when they try to get a job, select a major, or decide a career path due to the differences and concerns in culture, educational systems, and work eligibility. Based on the strong commitment to inclusion and equity, the MU Career Center has developed a variety of effective resources to work international students through their career decision-making process.

Resource #1: Mizzou Career Tools

Go to the MU Career Center website and simply click on “Resources.” You can find potentially useful resources by narrowing your search with specific keywords (click Filter to select your preference keywords) anytime and anywhere with your smartphone or laptop!

Resource #2: Guide to Job Search for International Students

Can international students work off campus? What’s their maximum work hours for a week? Visit the MU Career Center and ask a career specialist to explain how to make the most of job search using this unique handout!

Resource #3: Career Counseling

The MU Career Center is proud of having a diverse group of career counselors serving MU students, faculty, alumni/a, and community members. We believe that everyone deserves individual attention and opportunities to maximize their potential. Career counselors are trained to infuse multiculturalism into career services by understanding international students’ cultural and career concerns and guiding them throughout the decision-making process. International students are encouraged to sign up for an intake appointment for weekly one-on-one discussions with a career counselor on post-graduation plan, major declaration, and career transitions!

Study abroad may bring up acculturative stress and career barriers that impact international students’ well-being significantly. In addition to our career services, here’re other resources that may also benefit international students during their cross-cultural journey!