Career Educators

This section is devoted to educational resources for professionals in primary and secondary schools, universities, not-for-profits, corporations and any setting where they focus on the career development of others.

Since its inception in 1974, the MU Career Center has built its services on a firm foundation of research in counseling psychology and career development. Our staff instructs and supervises Master's and Doctoral students, crafting effective career interventions and modeling best practices.

Career Courses

Learn more about the Career Explorations course which is designed for undergraduate students to thoroughly explore their interests and values in a structured and safe environment.

Paraprofessional Programs

The MU Career Center pioneered the use of paraprofessionals in its staffing model. These undergraduate and graduate students are carefully recruited, trained and supervised to provide a number of career services to the campus.

Career Assessments

Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology (ESCP) faculty and graduate students who work at MU Career Center have created and trademarked unique and effective career assessments that can be used with students and adults.

Career Development Research

MU Career Center staff members and ESCP faculty members have written and published many articles, presentations, books and research papers addressing numerous career topics. 

Online Career Courses

Online courses offer flexible learning options to meet the goals and needs of distance learners. Students can enroll in courses anytime and take up to nine months to finish.