Career Explorations & You

The University of Missouri offers over 300 degree programs, which allows students a seemingly unlimited number of paths to take in terms of choosing a major. With so many options to choose from, it is natural that students may have difficulty selecting a degree program.

Luckily, there are a few resources available to students to help them in their search. One resource that stands out among the rest is the Career Explorations class taught through the MU Career Center!

Career Explorations is an undergraduate course offered from the MU Career Center that combines objective assessments and subjective self-reflection to help students develop the skills to make informed and satisfying career decisions that align with their personality and goals.

To gain insight on how the Career Exporations class impacts students, we asked a Career Explorations instructor, Teah McClain, and a few students enrolled in the class about their experiences:

  •  “Career Explorations has proven to be a successful experience for students, and instructors who love to help students Career Explorations is such an amazing experience! I was a student in the course as a freshman, and now am an instructor for the course as a graduate student. I can truly say it served as a catalyst in getting me on the right track of my career journey. This class is not solely useful for deciding students. It assists all students in exploring their options with majors and careers while allowing them to actualize their values within these categories. The activities and lessons are well developed and constantly improving to stay up-to-date and relevant to our students.The course cannot promise that each student will leave with a specific major in mind, but will definitely help students with gaining clarity and narrowing down their options. Students who take this course are more prepared to navigate in the world of work with lessons on interviewing, resumes, and the importance of networking. We also help them to gain real world experience through experiential learning opportunities such as job shadowing or informational interviewing.Along with these essential skill-building lessons, instructors meet with students individually to make sure the curriculum can be personalized and pertinent to each individual student. We remind our students that this course is an opportunity for them to take an hour a week to work on themselves. They truly get out what they put into the class. I am extremely pleased with my decision years ago to enroll in Career Explorations and my current decision to teach it.” – Teah McClain, Career Explorations Instructor
  •  “My experience in this class has been very good! This is one of the few classes that I have which I don’t feel anxious about attending. My experience as a student has been stressful and memorable. I tend to always have something school-related due and leisure time is rare to come by in my experience. The goal I have for this class is to pass and to attend all of the classes. I also have a goal to figure out what career path I want to follow after I graduate college. Overall, my experience in this class has been good and I’m taking the necessary steps to achieve my goals.” – Richard Park
  • “This class has really helped me get to know more about myself. It has allowed me to get a better idea of what I am interested in and what path of work I could possibly go into. The activities in class and homework assignments have helped me take a step towards deciding not only a major, but a possible career path. The goals I have set for myself are also a really positive way to get a start on experimenting with what I want to do in the future. I took this course because coming into it I had no idea what direction I wanted to head in school. I had no idea what kind of career path I wanted to take. Looking back, I don’t think I took the time to focus on what my strengths and weaknesses were to even were to know where to begin. Overall, this course has been everything I thought it would be and has been helpful with showing me where to begin my exploration.” – Laura Apel
  • “My experience in this class so far has allowed me to see what my strengths and weaknesses are, such as when I took the Strengths Test and went over my results with an instructor. It has also showed me an idea of what type of careers I might have some interest in or an idea of what could be best suited for me, such as learning I know I want to work with people in some type of way. My main reason or goal for taking this class was to help me decide or have an idea of what major I want to declare before my sophomore year here at Mizzou. If I didn’t take this class I probably would not have started thinking about a major at all, so fortunately this class has made me start to think about it seriously and push me down the right path.” – Sophia Caruso

Ready to explore degrees and majors, but not able to take the Career Explorations class? There are plenty of resources available for your search. For a full list of the degree programs offered at Mizzou, check out To sit down with a trained Career Specialist to engage in major and career exploration using resources and services at the MU Career Center, stop by any time Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM in the lower level of the Student Success Center on Lowry Mall. Or, make an appointment with your academic advisor, or contact Academic Exploration & Advising Services to discuss a full range of options related to your academic and career goals and aspirations.