Career Fairs? You Got This. Five tips for a successful career fair experience.

Career Fairs? You Got This. Five tips for a successful career fair experience.

1.) PREPARE PREAPRE PREPARE: You can prep for a career fair from your bed while wearing your pajamas between episodes of whatever television show you are binge watching. Really, you can! Find a list of companies who will be at your career fair of choice; pick out the companies that you are really interested in and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Get online. Check out their mission statement. Check out some of their employees on LinkedIn. Skim Glassdoor. Look at the positions they are hiring for. You get the idea.

2.) Dress the part. A person will make an initial judgment call within twenty seconds of laying eyes on you. Make those 20 seconds fantastically professional. Feel good about yourself when you stand in front of the mirror before you leave home. As an actor and a costumer, I can very honestly say that when you dress the part, you feel the part. So, dress like the most qualified professional person in the room and relish in the resulting confidence boost.

3.) Smile! Happy potential employees=happy employers. Simple as that.

4.) Follow up! If you get a business card from a company you are interested in, send them an email sooner rather than later. Thank them for their time, show your enthusiasm and ask any additional well-researched follow up questions.

5.) Believe in yourself! You can do it!!

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Business Career Fair- Sept 24
Mizzou Arena

CAFNR Career Fair- Sept 30
Mizzou Rec Center, Brewer Courts

School of Health Professions Career & Opportunities Fair- Oct 13
Reynolds Alumni Center

Personal Financial Planning Career Fair- Oct 21
Stotler Lounge, Memorial Union