Resilience: Why it Matters!

In a crazy week ahead of Spring Break that is full of stressors like exams, presentations and projects, this is a very timely topic to tackle.  The Career Center is talking about resilience which is the ability to effectively cope with difficult situations and bounce back from adversity. 

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Saving Face(book): A Guide on Tailoring Your Online Image

It has never been more important to watch what you post online, especially if you are on the job market. According to CareerBuilder, upwards of 76% of recruiters are utilizing social media as a means to screen potential employees.  It may sound so simple; if your mother shouldn’t see it, neither should an HR manager.  However, many people still find themselves in danger of jeopardizing a job opportunity just because of something that was posted online.  That’s why the MU Career Center keeps people like me employed; to help communicate some common sense principles that often go unlooked.

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