• What Are You Worth?

    Category: Cherry on Top

    Ever read a job description asking you to “include your salary requirements”? Did you immediately think to yourself, I have NO idea what I should be asking for?  While you might feel like you are an invaluable asset, the fact… Read More

  • What the Facebook?!

    Category: Career Scoop Online Image

    The folks at Facebook clearly have some time on their hands! The ever-changing privacy settings have been baffling users for a few years now and they show no sign of stopping. The latest “update” removes the option to be unsearchable… Read More

  • 2 Simple Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand

    Category: News

    Let’s face it; that pretty face of yours can only take you so far, and not far enough to impress potential employers. In today’s world, employers look for a key element in potential employees called the “personal brand.” Basically, your… Read More

  • Job Search is Like Dating

    Category: Interviewing

    It’s time to put yourself out there. You want to find that connection, that storied spark. You are tired of settling and ready to put in the effort to find the right fit. You want to get that first-time feeling… Read More