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Specialist Spotlight

Mariah Brannan - Specialist Spotlight

Meet Career Specialist Mariah Brannan! Mariah is a senior at Mizzou studying Journalism and International Studies. A thank you message from Mariah’s student, Madison Dorgan — “I enjoyed your help through out the semester and the motivation you gave me provided…

Specialist Spotlight - Brooke Gilland

Meet Career Specialist Brooke Gilland! Brooke is a graduate studend pursuing a Master of Education in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Career Counseling Psychology. What are the most important aspects of developing a professional relationship with professors?

Specialist Spotlight - Nick DeMatteo

Meet Career Specialist, Nick DeMatteo! Nick is a sophomore Finance major at Mizzou. How do you prepare for potential career opportunities through communication? In terms of communication, I work on my professional development for 40 minutes to an hour…

Specialist Spotlight - Nick Hathaway

Meet Career Specialist Supervisor, Nick Hathaway! Nick is a senior Journalism major at Mizzou. How have your career goals changed since freshman year? They have exponentially changed. I’m a very adaptable and go with the flow person, and I…

Specialist Spotlight - Jenna Rosenberger

Meet Career Specialist Jenna Rosenberger! Jenna is a junior at Mizzou on the pre-dietetics tract. What are your Strengths? “Empathy. Includer. Input.Belief. Achiever” What’s the last book you read? “I’m currently reading “Wasted” for class, which is an autobiography about eating…