Choosing Both Rest & Producitivity

Spring Break is days away and we could not be happier! I am sure you have plans to not make plans and that is perfectly okay because you are a hard-working student and rest is completely necessary! Let me also suggest that you may want to block out just a couple days for career reflection and productivity, as well.

Although this is the perfect time to lounge around, sleep in and read by the pool, Spring Break is also GREAT for spending time to think about your career path and get ahead of the game before the inevitable stress of school resumes. Personally, I find it pretty hard to slow down during the school year. With exams, deadlines, work and what I like to call, “mandatories,” I never feel justified in spending time doing anything else. The time spent being proactive in my career readiness is always pushed aside for something I deem more important. If this sounds like you, I am telling you now, take advantage of your free time while you have it. Here are a couple of fairly simple suggestions for how to get proactive and take control in your career journey.

  1. Write, revise or redo your résumé. It doesn’t matter where you are in the stage of résumé writing. With changing job positions, new clubs and volunteer opportunities, our résumés are always in transition. Add new experiences, spice it up with design elements that reflect your personality or start filtering out that high school experience you may still have. Have your family and friends take a look while you are home and make your résumé something you are proud of!
  2. Update or create a LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, it is not too late! Take some time to create a profile or refresh what you already have. Add a new profile picture, maybe post a few updates or articles and start connecting with people and organizations. Psst…the MU Career Center’s last FREE LinkedIn Photo Day will be held Friday, April 5th from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. – don’t miss out!
  3. Organize an informational interview. The best way to learn about a job position or career field is by talking to someone who is currently working in it. Reach out to someone through LinkedIn (try using the University of Missouri Alumni tool!) or a professional email. Introduce yourself and ask if they would be willing to sit down and talk with you about their experiences. Before you go prepare with questions and don’t forget to just be yourself. The Career Center has a wonderful resource on informational interviewing if you would like more information!

Yes, make sure to rest, but you will thank yourself later if you take a couple days to spend time on something that could impact your life in a big way. Although the Career Center will be closed over Spring Break, all of our online resources will be available if you need any assistance.