CliftonStrengths: Adaptability “Go With The Flow”

“Living in the moment” is a motto for some, but none do it like those with the Adaptability Strength. Adaptable people know that there’s no time like the present, and they handle unpredictable situations with a certain ease. In times of flux and change, Adaptable people are the first ones to regain their footing, if they even lost it in the first place.

Day By Day

Both a strength and weakness within the Adaptability Strength is that long term planning is very rare. Most Adaptable people tend to live within a day-by-day, week-by-week internal schedule. Laura says, “I usually work within the week. I don’t spend a lot of time looking ahead unless I need to schedule something but if I’m preparing for something, I look at what I need to do today.” This mindset makes them extremely adept at handling tasks the moment they’re brought up, but can also ruin their ability to create long term plans for projects and events. By breaking large plans into smaller, more pertinent tasks, Adaptable people can succeed in any scale of work. The response time for those with this Strength is remarkable, as Adaptable people know how to put their mind entirely the tasks in front of them instead of being bogged down with unnecessary scheduling.

Full Of Opportunity

Adaptable people don’t just make Adaptable schedules, but also visualize Adaptable futures. “It was never that I knew exactly where my life was going, it was a general vision, there was never that clear picture.” Laura explains. While this may seem like a weakness, Adaptable people’s open form of planning actually allows them to succeed in an ever changing life. By holding onto overarching emotional and personal goals like happiness and fulfillment but not being tied to a strict plan for their lives allows Adaptable people to find satisfaction in many different ways of living. Adaptable also learn the value of a truly good life, as they aren’t too concerned with whether everything has “gone to plan” or not. “I have a great life,” Laura says, “I work a job I love, I have colleagues who are friends, I’m married to an amazing person who’s also my best friend, I have two kids who are smart and healthy…I’m living my best life, so I try and keep that perspective when challenges come in any one of those aspects.” Speaking of children, Adaptable people make amazing parents, as they’re prepared to handle the unpredictable nature of young kids. “With kids, anything can and will happen.”

What People With Adaptability Can Teach Us

Laura is right when she says that, for Adaptable people, “everyday is a teachable moment.” Adaptable people understand that learning from mistakes and reacting to what is in front of you is better sometimes than berating yourself for messing up or constantly living in the future instead of the present moment. Try to be a bit more Adaptable by leaving space in your schedule for possible changes and learning to roll with the punches of an unpredictable life.