CliftonStrengths: Futuristic “The Visionary”

People with the theme of futuristic are inspired by the future and what it could be. They see the future as a place where they can paint different visions, and this ability to envision the future provides an unusual and creative way of planning and problem solving. When the present feels like quick sand to some people, those with futuristic don’t get sucked in because they know where they are going.

Alexia, a Mizzou student and Career Center employee, likes her futuristic strength because it is a way to define the unknown. “You don’t really know what is going to happen in the future- we try to plan for it, but you never really know,” she explains. For this reason, she likes to look towards the future and envision what life will be like, and to turn these visions into a reality, she uses the future as an anchor to “get a mindset of what [she needs] to do now to achieve goals.” Overall, she enjoys using her strength to plan for future events, and she also uses her strength to encourage others to be more optimistic about the future.

When it comes to her job, Alexia uses her futuristic strength as an uplifter to encourage the students and the people she works with to “keep a growth mindset.” She explains how when students are unsure if they want to continue pursuing a certain path because of experiences of failure, she tries to get them to look towards the future and remind them “just because you don’t have it right now doesn’t mean you won’t have it forever.” As a person with the theme of futuristic, you have the ability to paint the future for others to see, and this can excite the imagination of others to want to work to achieve a better future.

Because futuristic deals with imagining what the future could be like, the shadow side of this theme is defined as keeping your head in the clouds and ignoring reality. Alexia explains how she lives “in her dreams,” and she has to “sometimes come back down to reality” because she can set her expectations too high. However, she believes “even though [this is] the shadow side, it can also be the bright side.” Instead of interpreting it in a negative way, Alexia uses this shadow side as a motivation for change. “Sometimes it can be a boost- this is the reality, now what am I going to do to fix this.” If you have a hard time finding the internal motivation to move past this shadow side, those with the activator theme can encourage people with futuristic to put their visions into action.

People with futuristic love imagining what the future could be. You can use futuristic to manage and plan your future, and you can also use it to give others the hope of seeing a dream become a reality. By making your visions known to everyone, you can be the person who gives others optimism.