CliftonStrengths: Relator “The Loyal Friend”

Have you ever met a person who seems to be as close as siblings to their best friends? Or perhaps you’ve met a person who is as close as best friends with their siblings? Some people in the world are exceptionally adept at forming deep bonds with the people around them. They build strong foundations of trust and honesty, and enjoy working with others to achieve a goal. These people have the Relator Strength.

Finding Familiarity

To understand more about the Relator Strength, I talked to John C. to get a better idea of how Relators work. The biggest talent that Relators have is the ability to form friendships with people who may seem very different from themselves. For example, John’s best friend is someone very different from him, someone who goes to a different school even, and still they manage to be close. John actually prefers people that aren’t so similar to himself. “I tend to spend the majority of my time with people that are challenging or thought provoking, friends that will challenge me and push me and drive me rather than just agree with me.”

Diving Deeper

A Relator’s preference for those different from themselves is unsurprising, as most Relators cannot thrive off of surface conversations and overly agreeable people. The Relator’s instinct is always to dive deeper in their relationships, and to build solid structures of trust and loyalty within even the most casual encounters. John C. says, “Loyalty is at the top of what separates regular and best friends, also the depth of our relationship. Are we talking surface level or are we talking genuinely about how we’re doing in life? Plus overall presence, are we content being in the same room.” Relators enjoy working from a common place of comfort and trust, as it creates a safe space for friendships, especially between people with a lot of surface level differences.

What Relators Can Teach Us

The lesson that any Relator can teach you is that there is always an opportunity for a true friend in someone. Too often, we can assume that people wouldn’t mesh because of surface level interests and backgrounds. Relators know that similarities and commonalities can be found in the smallest aspects of our lives, such as what we like to eat. Take a tip from this Strength and try to build a true relationship with the next person you meet, by diving deeper with your conversation and shut out your assumptions about what your relationship will be.