CliftonStrengths: Responsibility “The Trusted One”

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Such is the motto of those with the Responsibility strengths. People who are responsible understand what needs to be done and take it upon themselves to complete those tasks. It’s a rewarding trait: responsible people tend to take on important jobs and tasks later in life. They make excellent team leaders, managers and teachers. If you need something taken care of, odds are, a responsible person has already made a game plan.

Taking Care Of…Everything

People with the Responsible strength will often be confused with those who have the strength of Discipline, since both Responsible people and Disciplinarians have such a commitment to their goals. The two strengths also create leaders that can assess the situation at large, as well as focusing on the important details. Jasmyne Tyler is a person with such a trait, and she’s a great example of someone who, as she says, “sees the entire picture.” When asked about what she feels responsible for right now, Jasmyne said herself. However, she doesn’t just consider things like school and homework, but also gives herself time to rest and eat. Responsible people see more than just one side of a task, and they also try to find fulfilling tasks another they go. Whether at work or at home, Jasmyne tries to find a goal. “If I have free time, I try to find some way to fill it. Like I had some plants, but then I thought plants weren’t enough so now I’m getting a cat.”

How Responsibility Can Change Education

Responsibility is an important strength, even in environments where it’s fundamentally lacking. Consider being a student, where a professor is in charge of deadlines and timeframes for big projects. As both a responsible person and an art student, Jasmyne understands the importance of taking ownership of her work and how it gets managed. “It’s important to own your process and be in charge of your work.”

What Responsible People Can Teach Us

People like Jasmyne understand a few key pieces of the world around them, that an issue or task is a sum of its parts, and that taking responsibility of every side of a situation can benefit in many ways. For all the things on your to do list, try to think of what you can do to take care of it yourself, and push yourself to be capable in new ways.