CliftonStrengths: Restorative “The Problem Solvers”

Life can get exhausting, especially when it’s back to studying and preparing for exams and pop quizzes, and never getting to sleep in past 10. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and it’s easy to feel like the day has taken something out of you. In times like these, it’s obvious that this is where people with the Restorative strength truly shine. Restorative people excel at renewing their peers and solving problems with an easy attitude. In busy times like these, Restorative are the people to see.

Fixing and Finding Solutions

To find out more about the Restorative strength, I spoke with Career Specialist, Ahriana. Just like with other Restorative people. Ahriana gets a kick out of solving a problem. For her, finding solutions for her friends is more a reflex than an intentional purpose. She says, “I don’t necessarily seek out more stress but I like to make sure everyone in my life is doing okay and if they need help.” Most Restorative people see their strength as an extension of their unerring compassion. This genuine care for friends and peers makes Restorative people uniquely suited for teamwork and community building. If you have a Restorative person as your right hand man, consider all your team in good hands.

Today My Friends, Tomorrow The World

The problem-solving nature of those with the Restorative strength gives them a greater awareness of problems in the world around them. Restorative people with usually have big ideas about how to fix major problems such as poverty or hunger. When asked what she would change in the world, Ahriana said, “Just one? There are so many problems!”. For a Restorative person, there truly are, with just as many possible solutions for them to turn over in their minds.