CliftonStrengths: Woo “Winning Other Over”

Winning over others, it’s a hard thing to do, isn’t it? For a rare few, though, making friends and connections is second nature. The strength of Woo, or winning over others, is that elusive trait that these rare few exhibit. People with Woo are natural collaborators, mediators and team leaders. Their uncanny sense for getting people on their team makes them especially intriguing. I spoke to Kayla [last name] to get a better feel for this strength.

Nice To Meet You

People with Woo tend to hit home runs when it comes to meeting new people. Their knack for making other people feel comfortable and welcome is impressive for first impressions. Place isn’t important for those with Woo, who can usually find fast friends in every situation. For Kayla, making friends can be as simple as introducing yourself to people in your classes. “Usually I meet most of my friends through classes because not only do we have a class together, but I find we also have something else in common, whether that be our major or things we like to do.” Soon, people with Woo can transform small interactions into relationships that go past mutual activities. “The more I talk to people from class the more we get off topic, [the more] we don’t have to talk about class.”

How To Make Friends and Influence People

Woo is maybe one of the hardest skills to learn, but for those who can already win others over, there are some simple tricks even the most introverted can practice. Kayla tries to find things in common with the person she meets, even if it’s something as small as recognizing their face. “If I’ve seen that person before, I usually start with a question of where I saw them, sometimes it’s successful.” Kayla also understands her personal strengths in a conversation. “I feel like I take the lead [in conversations]…if I follow the conversation will die out since a lot of people don’t know how to carry a conversation well. If I ask the questions it won’t be awkward, I don’t ask surface questions and I’m good at carrying conversation.

What People With Woo Can Teach Us

People can be difficult to read, relationships can be difficult to get started. However, there’s a few things people with Woo do that even the most introverted person can try. See if you can find a commonality with the person you want to talk to, or try to share a common experience. If the other person is the introverted type, make them feel comfortable speaking at whatever length they feel like, and always smile when meeting someone. With these little changes, you too can have some Woo!