Discovering Columbia: Best Study Spots!

Welcome to the new Discovering Columbia recurring blog! In this series, we will take a look at different aspects of both Columbia and Mizzou’s campus that stand out as good spots for different activities! In this first blog, we will focus on different study spots on the MU campus.
MU Student Center
A favorite of many students, the MU Student Center is located in the middle of campus and is a convenient location with many different seating options. Additionally, students can book study rooms on the second floor of the building. The Mizzou Market and different restaurants located on the main level also offer students a place to take a break and get a snack in between studying!
Ellis Library
Located right next to Speaker Circle and Lowry Mall, Ellis is a staple of Mizzou’s campus. Ellis offers a lot to students, including computers, study rooms, and different levels of the building that are separated by level of quietness for students who really need to focus on studying before an exam. Additionally, Ellis does have tons of books everywhere for students to check out if they need them for a class.
Memorial Student Union
Memorial is a smaller location on its main level, but still has good space and more open areas than some of the other locations on campus. Also, it is a closer location for students who live downtown or on East Campus. There is a restaurant inside (Wheatstone Bistro) and there is always a long line at the Starbucks! Memorial is a great place to study in groups, because it isn’t too quiet of a location and is more open than the Student Center.
Mizzou Rec
Many students don’t think of the Rec when they think of study locations, but there is some great space at the Rec for studying. Perhaps the best is right past the entrance by the outdoor pool, where there is a good amount of space with tables and a relaxed environment for students to casually work on school work.
Different Lecture Halls on Campus
Many lecture halls on campus, such as Cornell and Anheuser-Busch have great space for students to study. Both of these lecture halls have space with computers and study lounges that aren’t always taken advantage of by students. These are great places to stop in between classes to get some work done!
Res Halls
A more common location for freshmen is a res hall study room. All of the halls on campus have study spaces, and some like Hatch have a lot of space devoted to these. Especially for times during the year when the more popular locations are full, going to a friend’s dorm and studying in a study room there can be a nice change of environment and a good, isolated location for getting things done.