Don’t Leave it to Luck!

You don’t have to leave it to the luck of the Irish to be successful in your job or internship search.  Graduation is in just nine weeks away and summer will soon be here.  Don’t fret if your plans are still coming together but you do have to put some effort forward.

Rather than relying on the Internet or the click of your mouse, create your own job search luck by networking!  The term networking can seem cheesy to some, intimidating to others but it simply means making personal connections. Here are some simply ways to get started:

  • Make a list: Write down the name of 5 friends, 5 classmates, 5 contacts in a student organization, 5 family members. Now consider the people they know you can get introduced to and you see how the process can begin and how your contacts can quickly multiply!
  • Consider what to say: When you get ready to send emails or make introductions you need to know what you are going to say and what exactly are you asking for.  People are usually willing to help if you tell them specifically what you need: your resume reviewed, an informational interview, introduction to a colleague, etc.
  • Figure out LinkedIn: Create a profile and spend 5 minutes each day personalizing invites to a handful of new contacts. Check out our Online Image page for details!
  • Be polite: Respect people’s time. Be persistent, but not a pest. Give people time to respond and show gratitude when they do help you.
  • Follow-up: Do what you say you will. If you don’t follow through (e.g., sending a resume within the week) you will lose credibility, look insincere, and people are less likely to help.

These simple steps will get you on your way to being a networking pro… and lucky in your job search!