Don’t Stress, You Can Pass Your Test!

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear “exam”? Stress? Study? Pass? For me, it’s all of the above. To be completely honest, I didn’t really get the true experience of exam week my freshman year. Most of my tests were in class and we usually had a review day prior to taking it. So, you could say that this year was a little overwhelming when my teacher mentioned an evening exam and all the rules that came along with it. Of course, the point of this blog is to help, not intimidate you, so listen up!

Studying is essential. It’s common knowledge, but not everyone realizes how important it is until that first exam score hits your grade. I, myself, am still not the best at studying, but I do have access to figuring out how to get better, and guess what? So do you! It’s called the Learning Center (located on the first floor of the Student Success Center) and it offers a host of different services that can assist in you in excelling in your classes. I really advise students to take advantage of these services because they are free and personal to your needs.

Think of it like this: last night I didn’t go to bed until 4:00 in the morning because I was up studying for my exam last minute. Rather than going during the day, having someone teach me the questions I didn’t understand, and getting a good night’s sleep, I was awake struggling. Consequently, I still didn’t feel confident that I was going to do well the next morning. Please take my advice and use the Learning Center for help!