Dos and Don’ts of Professional Social Media Posting

By now, you’ve probably been warned about social media and how it affects your professional image. Usually the tone is negative. Believe it or not, posting on your social media can be helpful for employers to gauge how you’ll fit in company culture. It gives them a window into your personality, which is great for breaking cold barriers during interviews and onboarding. We know, it sounds intrusive. However, with some spring cleaning and revamping your social media can turn into your greatest tool. Just follow these Dos and Don’ts 

DO separate professional from personal 

It might sound like a hassle to manage two different identities on social media, but it can be more beneficial in the long run. Often times, things we want to post are much different from things we want employers to see. Creating an alternative, professional account can save you the trouble of explaining that funny meme to your future boss. If the thought of multiple accounts worries you, you can always try a free social media scheduling service. Buffer is a great, easy-to-use website that allows you to schedule and manage posts to multiple platforms.  

DO some spring cleaning 

Once you set up your professional account, you should go through your personals for some spring cleaning. This means analyzing your posts and tags and choosing which are good for your image, and which might be questioned. Follow this guide for each platform until your accounts are spic and span. 

DO learn about privacy settings 

Did you know that you can change your posting settings so only certain people see certain things? Not everyone does! Learning what privacy settings are available to you is going to be the next step to great social media. Make sure to pay attention to who sees what. You might even try setting your personal accounts to private for an extra wall or assurance. 

DO post regularly about topics you’re passionate about 

Whether you’re posting on a personal or professional account, you should always post about things you’re passionate. When it comes to the professional world, talk about your professional experiences. That includes volunteer work, club meetings, leadership moments, etc. Show your professional network that you are more than just a business shirt.  

DON’T post about politics 

Posting about politics or other controversial topics is fine when its on your (private) personal account. It’s much better to stay away from those topics on your professional ones. 

DON’T trash talk others 

Trash talking others is questionable in general. Posting these thoughts on social media where all people can see makes you seem unwelcoming. It’s an ugly side that can push employers away from the idea of hiring you.  

DON’T post anything too personal 

This is where the personal and professional divide is most important. Too often you hear horror stories from professionals who post a bathing suit or after-hours picture and get reprimanded by the others within their network. Never post these pictures on your professional accounts. They can damage reputation and make others question your credibility. If you’re grandma won’t be proud of your post, it shouldn’t go on your professional account.  

These tips are a great guide. If you need more help, or prefer a one-on-one setting, visit the Career Center’s website. We offer advice in multiple areas of the career building process. All you have to do is ask