Faculty and Staff

The MU Career Center provides assistance hiring students, resources for your group, classroom, or individual students, and career services for you as an MU employee.

Hire Students

MU faculty and staff have a tremendous quantity and quality of candidates eager to work on campus. Whether working in a lab, office or auxiliary, Mizzou students make great hires.

Submit Request for Class/Group

We support academics in a variety of ways and by adding the MU Career Center to your syllabus, we can help you create a meaningful career assignment using our available resources.

Assist an Individual Student

Whether an advisee, student in a class, family member, or employee, we can help you advise them on career matters.

Career Resources for You

In addition to helping MU students and alumni, the MU Career Center provides career assistance to faculty and staff.


Wakonse brings together faculty, teaching and learning professionals from postsecondary institutions who recognize and are devoted to the inspirational aspect of the teaching and learning process.

CASH Program

The Campus Augmenting Student Hires (CASH) supports student employment by providing matching funds for part-time positions in MU campus departments.