Fall in Love With Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is easy to forget about, that is, until springtime hits and big buzzwords like “summer internship” and “graduation,” start to fill the classroom air. Here are five easy tips to fall in love with your LinkedIn profile this February, just in time to snag a great summer gig.

  1. Don’t get lazy, fill out every section. Making your profile as complete as it can be means recruiters get a more complete look at all that you bring to the table. LinkedIn actually measures the “completeness” of your profile and will give you tips on how to make it even better.
  2. Have a professional photo taken. This is the first look a recruiter gets of you and first impressions matter – and a profile with a photo is 11 times more likely to be viewed than one without. Your picture can be one that shows you in your element, whether it be somewhere on campus or in a workplace. Or, even better, have a free professional photo taken by attending one of the Career Center’s LinkedIn Photo Days this semester!
  3. Take advantage of the summary space. It’s your place to show off your personality, your passions, accomplishments and your skills. The most successful summaries are 3-5 paragraphs long. The best LinkedIn summaries make recruiters want to learn even more about you. When you’re writing your summary, think about the audience you want this to connect with. What do you want them to learn about you? What do you want them to feel? A great guide to writing an effective LinkedIn summary can be found here.
  4. Treat your experience section like your resume. Make sure that each job title is complemented by a detailed description of the work and transferrable skills you acquired from that experience. Be sure to use strong action verbs that reflect your transferable skills to explain what you did, how you did it, and why it matters to employers.
  5. Be active on LinkedIn frequently. Creating a LinkedIn takes a few steps, but consistently updating your profile, posting and interacting is an ongoing process. The more you utilize your account, the more chances you’ll have to be noticed by recruiters or important contacts. Share articles and resources that are relevant to your industry, and engage with others’ posts to keep your profile visible and yourself informed about what’s happening in the world around you!