First Week Jitters: Sophomore Edition

As a first-year college student, you could say there were a variety of emotions going through my head. I was nervous about classes, excited about getting involved and making new friends, stressing over purchasing textbooks and financial aid, but all in all, I was ecstatic to start my next chapter in life.

The first week of classes, surprisingly, were relieving! My professors were very straight-forward about what they expected from us and what we should expect from them. The syllabus literally tells you everything you will be doing for the next 16 weeks! Exam dates, chapter assignments, lecture subjects, etc. were all listed in the syllabus.

One thing I lacked of was preparing for the amount of homework I was assigned. People always assume that since it is the first week of school that there won’t be much to do… WRONG! Professors have been preparing for this semester all summer and they are ready to jump in. Another struggle for me was learning how to use Canvas. Canvas is a website that professors use for homework, discussions, and posting important resources that were used in the lecture. Sometimes I would have to turn in assignments through Canvas, so I really had to figure out how to use it. You could say everything was a learning process. Although the first week was extremely hectic freshman year, I learned a lot and was prepared to not make the same mistakes the next year.

To be completely honest, the first week of sophomore year was a breeze. I felt like I already knew what to expect! I wasn’t lost trying to find my classes, I introduced myself to my professors, and I had a group of friends I could meet up with to hang out during those time gaps between classes. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to stress over getting my textbooks on time because I signed up for the “Early Bird Registration”, so my books were ready for me when I moved in. Also, I didn’t have to worry about purchasing a parking permit because if you stay on campus sophomore year and up, you get to park for free! I ended up saving a lot of money compared to last year because I took my time and evaluated everything that I actually needed to purchase. I felt as if I was more prepared and even more excited about coming back to school than I was last year. In addition to preparation, I was also in tune with involvement around school because I was so involved last year. I knew about all the events happening on campus, so I wasn’t missing out on all the fun. The first week was great and I am pretty confident that I will strive for the best this semester.