Formula for success: 5 steps, 90 minutes, 1 week… repeat!

Now that you are back from Spring Break, the end of the semester probably seems right around the corner! It’s a busy time of year but also remember that you can squeeze in a few minutes of fruitful career planning each week.  In less than 90 minutes you can make some great headway on your job and internship search!

1. Create/update LinkedIn profile (20 minutes)

Upload your resume to LinkedIn, make a summary, and add a headshot. Fill out more sections in the next week!

2. Make 10 connections on LinkedIn (5 minutes)

Once your profile is mostly complete, start connecting with other people!  Invite friends, professors, advisors and others. If you are connecting with professionals you don’t know or know well, BE SURE to send a personalized message explaining why you want to connect and if you have mutual connections.

3. Contact with past employers or supervisors (15 minutes)

Send an email or LinkedIn message to past advisors, work supervisors and teachers.  See if they know about possible jobs and internships and if they would provide a positive reference for you.

4. Research job options (30 minutes)

Before applying for jobs see what’s out there. Favorite some listings and see if there are common responsibilities and requirements. Login to and check out other job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, InternMatch and others.

5. Refine your pitch! (20 minutes)

Really think about how you will introduce yourself to others and what kinds of opportunities you want. How can you stand apart? Talk about what makes you unique: your strengths, your experience, your interests and your career goals.  Students who can clearly articulate who they are and what they are seeking will always impress!

So between your Netflix binging and long naps, take an hour and half to position yourself for career success!  It doesn’t stop here, but you can pat yourself on the back for achieving some real progress!