Get Involved!

Did you know there are over 600 recognized student organizations at Mizzou? This week (Involvement Week) is the perfect opportunity for students to find their place at the university and gain valuable experience to use in future careers! 

With this many organizations on campus, students can almost certainly find something that fits them personally! One of
the main highlights of a student’s time at Mizzou is their involvement in different student groups.

Students should be as active as possible in student organizations as employers are constantly looking for well-rounded students. Additionally, organizations are excellent opportunities for both networking and taking on leadership roles.

Involvement week is a great way to not only meet other students, but learn more about what is available on campus to students. Many different fairs and open houses will be running this week, so be sure to take advantage of them! Some notable events are the Study Abroad Fair and Fall Fest Comicon on Wednesday, September 4th and the Club Sports Fair and Volunteer Fair on Thursday, September 5th, and much more!