Get Involved!

Line up, Tigers! It’s time to get involved! Do you know what’s the greatest part about getting connected here at Mizzou? There are so many varying organizations for all the different types of students here! The easiest way to figure out what group fits you is to attend the many student organization fairs held all around campus.

After my last class, September 6th, I went to Fall Fest, and it was such a fun event. There were so many students and sponsors that were eager to inform you about their group and how it could benefit your success here. Also, there was chance to get free food and witness performances from some of the sororities and fraternities, a gospel choir, and a dance crew.. It was a college freshman’s dream come true.

So, every once in awhile, I get the question: Why is it so important to get involved in college?  You’re already stressed with getting used to your classes and homework, and people expect you to join a club on top of that? As crazy as it sounds, being a part of a group and/or team can be helpful in so many ways including: building your resume, networking, and guiding those with undecided majors into a career field. Plus, it’s a simple way to make friends and meet upperclassman who can teach you the do’s and don’ts to surviving these next 4+ years. And another thing to keep in mind is if you there are multiple groups you’d like to join, but you don’t have the time… there’s always next year!

Here comes the fun part! It’ s time to pick where you fit and get things rolling. If you are still unsure after those wonderfully, rehearsed speeches given by a representative, attend an informational meeting! This doesn’t mean you’re fully committing, but another way for you to fully understand what you would be getting into. Once you make your decision, you have so much to look forward to!

Come on Tigers, get involved!