Getting Involved: Theatre Audition Experience

Hi! My name is Raynesha. I am a sophomore majoring in Journalism. I love to write, to blog, to create videos, but secretly, I love to perform. Last year, I was in a Fine Arts course called “Theatre In Society”. It was taught by the wonderful, Dr. Claire Syler, and enhanced my love for theatre even more.  One day in class, she advertised auditions for a show, I auditioned, was cast and performed in Father Comes Home from the Wars Pt. 1, 2, & 3 with a group of talented people.

This year, I decided that I wanted to participate in a show again and contacted Dr. Syler about upcoming auditions since I wasn’t in a theatre class this semester. She sent me the link to two upcoming auditions: one for two short plays and one for a musical. The short plays were both created for an all black cast (yes, I happen to be African-American) and one of them was written by my former cast-member, so you could say I was pretty intrigued to audition for the plays. On the other hand, musical audition caught my attention because I really wanted to be in something that involves singing. I personally believe that I am a stronger singing than actor, so of course I wanted to audition for this show as well. You guessed it! I was under a lot of stress.  In the end, I decided to audition for both shows to see what happened. I wanted to at least make it into one of the shows, so next for me was preparation.

5:45 PM: August 23, 2018:
It was time to head to the combined audition for the plays. As listed on the website, I prepared a one-minute monologue from a one-act I did in high school. I was a

little nervous because one, I was afraid I was going to forget the words and, two I was performing with a Caribbean accent and not everyone likes that. To fast forward, I performed my monologue and then was told to grab the speech from a character specific to the show. Usually when they ask you to perform again that is a good sign. Though I was happy I was asked to perform again, I was nervous because I had to read something I had never read before. All in all, I believe the audition went well and just had to wait for them to post the cast list. Side note: I was not casts into the show 🙁

5:45 PM: August 24, 2018:

It’s the next day and this time it is the musical audition. I. was. Terrified. Again, we were asked to come prepared with a song (only 32-bars), so I stayed up the night before and practiced my piece with my roommate. I was confident in my song choice, but I was worried I was going to mess up because ironically, I was catching a cold! My throat was on fire and my voice was slowly going away. I tried to limit my talking all day and drink fluids because there was no stopping me from trying out for this show. Anyways, I arrived at the location and was assigned the number 16. It gave me a little time to practice and to meet some of the other auditioners. Sooner than later, it was time for me to perform, so I prayed and walked in. Honestly, I did better than I expected. There were a few cracks here and there, but I never reacted to my mistakes. After  I sung, the director assigned a callback song to me and asked me to learn and perform that for them. A CALLBACK IS GREAT! The song was a little challenging, but I had to stay confident and try my best.

A few days later, I received a call from the director of the show and guess what?! Your girl made it into the show! I am super excited and can’t wait to perform with another group of amazing people. I guess the moral of the story is: don’t be afraid to try new things because once you get involved, life is great! Just do what you love and accept the opportunity to meet some awesome peers!