Grad School Application Timeline: Part 3

Application Submission

Congrats for getting to this stage with all (or most) of your well-done materials! Now it’s the time to submit the applications and begin waiting for interview invitations!

At this time, you should have a spreadsheet or table with all the programs you’re applying. Simply add a column called “DEADLINE” and insert all the due dates into your spreadsheet/table. You’ll get a sense of which application will due soon and make a plan of when to submit what (ideally).

The reason behind this step is to ensure plenty of time to tailor your materials to match the different emphases of the programs. In addition, you are supposed to elaborate on why and how you are a good fit to the program by pointing out the overlapping research or clinical interest between you and the programs/faculty’s areas of expertise.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SUBMIT A’S APPLICATION TO B’S PROGRAM! 

Important tips:
  • Submit your applications EARLY to have time for contact and double check if the department/graduate school have received your applications. The traffic gets really bad at the last week especially for the last day. Being a cooperative applicant can really reduce the office assistants’ stress (and yours as well!). Imagine that this poor person is getting 100+ applications on the last day and how busy she is!
  • Make sure you know what to submit to whom. You may submit your GRE scores to the Office of Graduate Studies and resume/personal statement to the department or submitting everything to the Office of Graduate Studies/department. 
  • Some programs may ask you to submit resume, personal statement, and application form BEFORE activating your account to add the recommenders. If that’s the case, submit your documents 2 to 3 weeks before the deadline to give them enough time to work on your letters of recommendation!

Now you’ve done with the submission! Woo-hoo! Visit the MU Career Center to learn and practice some interview skills with our wonderful career specialists!