Handshake: A Career Emporium

Have you ever spent hours on a job search engine because of how many options you have? Have you ever wished you could consolidate all 50 job sites into one handy one? What if we told you that we have a website filled with employers looking to hire students specifically at your school? Let’s introduce you to Handshake.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is a website full of part-time and full-time jobs and internships. It’s designed specifically for students to connect with employers that want to hire Mizzou students.

Why should I use it?

Oh, how can Handshake help you, let me count the ways!

  • You’ve got the High Ground
    • Handshake is different from sites like LinkedIn and Indeed because it only shows you job postings from employers looking to hire from your school. That means that you go from one-in-a-million to one-in-a-thousand.
  • You’ve got a lot of choices
    • The folks at Handshake dedicate hard time and sweat making sure that every job you see is quality. Whether you’re looking to kick-off your career or find a local job near you, you’ve got options.
  • More than Just a Job Listing
    • Have no fear, there are more than just careers here. Handshake has job listings of all sorts, so if you aren’t looking for a job job, there other ways to begin connecting with employers through career fairs, virtual events and campus workshops.

Well, how does it work?

  1. Download the app for Android or iOS or sign up online.
  2. Make sure to completely fill out your profile and resume. It helps employees gauge you as a candidate, and it makes you seem more professional.
  3. You’ll start getting job recommendations quickly, so make sure that you pay attention and bookmark the ones you’re interested in. This lets the algorithm know what you’re wanting so that it can continue to recommend jobs.
  4. Make sure to follow employers and sign up for the virtual events that they offer. Check your email often to make sure that you keep up with any postings.
  5. Succeed! There is no limit to the jobs that you can apply to, so make sure you apply to everything you want.

For more information, watch this!

Sign me up!

Registering for Handshake will help you get you to your destination. So, don’t hesitate! Sign up today!