How To Make The Most Of Your Break

Thanksgiving break, it’s what every student is looking forward to in the month of November. But how do students avoid the common problem of coming back to school and being completely unprepared for final exams, coming home for the holidays, and the end of the fall semester? Here are some things to keep in mind as you take a week away.

1. Prepare for the last weeks of the semester
As dreadful as it sounds, Thanksgiving Break is the most important time to prepare for your final exams. Just because you have to do it, doesn’t mean you have to make it hard on yourself. Take a look at your first, or perhaps your hardest exams, and study for them for just 30 minutes a night. A week’s worth of small sessions of preparation can make a world of difference when it comes time to take the test.

2. Think ahead
This one is obvious, but a full week without classes or extracurriculars is a great opportunity to think about the future. Take this time to sign up for Early Bird registration for the Spring 2020 semester, or to purchase any notebooks and school supplies you’ve run out of in the fall.

Also, think ahead in terms of deadlines. Thanksgiving break is the time to fill out scholarship applications, especially the ones that require those long essays you never had time for during the semester. If you’re looking for a job for the spring, you can also fill out applications for jobs or work on your resume with the Student Success Center. A week of free time can be a chance to look at internships for the winter and summer breaks as well.

3. Relax!
We completely get it, nobody wants to be unprepared for their finals or late to deadlines, but take a break on your break! Relax and unwind, give yourself a week’s worth of rest after working for a whole semester. More than anything, breaks are a time to recharge and refocus, to give yourself some time to work on mental health and happiness. Always be smart about your time, but make sure you have some fun as well!