Interview Follow Up – The Do’s and Don’ts

Following up after an interview is one of the most important steps you can take to distinguish yourself in the eyes of a hiring manager. Sending a personalized thank you note to the person you spoke with can help you stick out among other candidates. Sounds simple doesn’t it? You would be surprised how many people don’t take the time to do so. That’s why we have collected some best practices when following-up with recruiters.

The Do’s:

Do: Write a thank you note within 24 hours – email everyone that you spoke with, including anyone who helped set up the interview. It is a nice way to show that you are appreciative of their time.

Do: Write a handwritten note by mail if you’d really like to drive the message home – It’s always a good idea to email first, and send a note later if you’ve remembered something you’d like to add or to reference something that you talked about.

Do: Keep it professional – Recruiter’s interview dozens of candidates and find who is best fit for the position. They are not searching for their next BFF. No matter how much you feel that you have bonded, keep your correspondence light, friendly and professional.

The Don’ts:

Don’t: Add your interviewers on LinkedIn – unless you’ve asked and they have agreed. Uninvited LinkedIn requests may scare away your interviewer and make it look like you are coming on too strong.

Don’t: Ask your professional references to reach out to the recruiter – unless they already have an established relationship. This may be uncomfortable for the recruiter or impose too much upon your reference.

Don’t: Post on social media about your interview experience. Even if you have a positive message, the recruiter may be checking on your social media presence, and could be nervous about how much you share. Instead, use Glassdoor to share your experience anonymously.