It’s Time to Enroll!

As we transition to November, what do you feel has been the scariest part of college, so far? The homework? The classes? What about early registration? It’s about time to start enrolling into your courses for next semester. Although it may sound nerve-wracking, it’s easier when you prepare ahead of time. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

TIP ONE: Schedule Planner

One of the most helpful tools offered here at Mizzou is a system called “Schedule Planner”.  Once you figure out all the courses you plan to take, you can input them into “Schedule Planner” and it generates all the possibilities of what your schedule could be like next semester! This makes it simpler for you to choose what times would work best for you and helps you figure out locations of classes as well. Once you pick the schedule that works for you, add it to your shopping cart. When it comes time for your enrollment day, open the shopping cart in Schedule Planner”, click “Register”, then “Confirm”, and Voilà! You are enrolled!

TIP TWO: Make an Advising Appointment

Another important task is to set up a date to meet with your advisor! You advisor is there to help you succeed and they know all about your degree requirements and when is the best time to take a certain course. Make your appointment before your enrollment day and be sure to take note on everything your advisor tells you to do. To set up an appointment, use “MU Connect”. Don’t wait too late! The appointment slots fill up fast!

TIP THREE: Pay Attention to credit hours

This may seems like common sense, but remember to pay attention to the amount of credit hours you have for each semester. Although you are considered a fulltime student at 12 credit hours, you must have 30 credit hours by the next school year. Try to balance the two semesters and/or plan to take courses in the summer to prevent overworking yourself.

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