Jobs and Internships

The MU Career Center can help you with all of your employment needs whether you are looking for a part-time job, work study position, internship, or full-time job. Best of all, our services are available on a drop-in basis. You may stop by the MU Career Center between 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday for one-on-one assistance.

Job Search Success

There are many different ways to find and apply for job openings. Learn how to best approach your job search for successful results.

Finding Unadvertised Jobs

Most job vacancies go unadvertised. In order to
tap into these “hidden” job opportunities, job seekers should use less conventional methods that rely on a personal touch. 

Part-Time Jobs

There are many part time jobs available on and off campus. They are not just a source of income, but an excellent way to learn about yourself and your career options.


Internships are an important way to gain skills and hands-on experience in a professional work setting. They are highly valued by employers who are eager to hire students with related work experience.

Full-Time Jobs

Searching for a full-time job can be overwhelming but don’t be intimidated! Learn how to find and apply for positions that are aligned with your skills, strengths and interests.