Make Your Move, Tiger!

August 16th: the official time to move to Mizzou, then let the college life begin! My college experience started just a few days prior. Apparently, it wasn’t normal for freshmen to come before move-in day without a legit reason, so it was common for me to be approached with: Are you in a sorority? Are you a part of Marching Mizzou? You must be an athlete! Actually… no. I didn’t really have a choice because of conflicts at home, but I was mentally ready to be a Tiger, or so I thought…

The process of packing, moving, unpacking, and last-minute dorm additions all went smoothly until… BOOM! You’re alone, your family is gone, and now you’re asking yourself, “Where do I go from here?” Well, that’s when responsibility sneaks in, buddy! It’s time to start proving that you’re ready for this next step.

I’ll be honest with you all: the first night was surprisingly emotional for me. I had a pretty large lump of tears in my throat from the moment I saw my family drive away. I remember my boyfriend told me, “It felt like the string that was holding us together snapped as we went our separate ways.” And that’s the truth. The start of this next chapter is in your hands.

Of course, mom and dad will be there for moral support, but it’s ALL ON YOU. Scary, huh? This idea is exciting, yet nerve-wracking because the last thing you want to do is start off making unfixable mistakes. What was my plan? I was determined to make the rest of week useful because who wants to be included in the crowd of lost freshmen on the first day? So here’s my advice to you:

First things first, go get your textbooks as soon as you can! I could sense the vibe of what to expect from the course just by skimming over some of the content I would be learning. You’re either going to be ecstatic or questionable about whether taking these classes is what’s best for your success. There’s only a limited time for dropping/adding classes to your schedule, and being last minute isn’t a great idea.

Secondly, get to know your campus. Mizzou has been the most welcoming school I’ve been to. You’ll see a variety of organizations gather on the streets, people from around the world walking side-by-side, and there’s free stuff all the time! Plus, there’s a possibility that you’ll be living at Mizzou for 4+ years, so getting lost should be the last of your worries.

Lastly, try your hardest to meet people! Being the anti-social person I am, making friends was the last thing I cared about, but I regret not trying sooner. You’re quick to realize you’re all in the same boat being fresh as a tiger, so take the opportunity and work together to succeed. There are so many resources here at Mizzou (including the amazing Student Success Center I am employed at), and thousands of people that want to earn that degree as you do.

Being new at Mizzou should be an adventure. Make your time here worthwhile.