Maximize Your Summer

As June kicks off and summer session begins at MU, students are likely finally getting into their summer routines. Whether it be summer classes, a part-time job, or an internship, everyone should be taking advantage of this time for personal and career development.

Summer classes can be a great way to either get ahead or catch up on coursework. Whether it be a class back home at a community college or a Mizzou self-paced course, these are great ways to stay in an academic routine and get some credits out of the way before having to come back to a busy fall semester. Additionally, if the class is taken through Mizzou and goes well, it can be a helpful GPA boost!

Part-time jobs are a great way to not only make connections, but also gain important experience before officially entering the work force post graduation and simply make money as there is usually more downtime during summer. Students who don’t work during the school year can use this as an opportunity to start saving money for the fall semester, a potential study abroad trip, or for the transition to after graduation.

Internships are also a great opportunity to network. Internships may feel like more pressure than a part-time job as many employers directly hire past interns after they graduate. Keeping that in mind  is helpful for students as they look for ways to contribute their strengths and engage as much as possible at their internship.  This is also a great chance to get to know professionals in the field one hopes to go into, make LinkedIn connections, possibly fulfill a graduation requirement, and of course, make money!

The important thing to remember with summer’s different pace is that whatever a student is doing can be seen as an opportunity for growth. It’s all about how to approach it. Students, use your resources and take advantage of your summer opportunities early!

For tips and more information, check out the MU Career Center’s website and resources on jobs and internships: