National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Darling Magazine – Seriously

In honor of National Business Women’s Week, I want to highlight an article from one of my favorite magazines. Darling Magazine is a magazine dedicated to celebrating women and challenging cultural ideals of beauty. The article below titled, Seriously Women Behind the Gaming Curtain is about two women who work for Seriously, a gaming company passionate about storytelling and creative freedom. They talk about their experiences working in a company predominately run by men and how much they enjoy combining statistics, data, modeling and art.

According to the article, 48% of gaming customers are female and the majority of gaming developers in the past have been males. Now that women are entering this field, the stigma surrounding female gamers is starting to fade away. Companies are beginning to hire more women, altering their designs and formulating new ideas to represent both genders equally.

Opportunities for different roles—from data scientist to visual artist—are expanding every day. As we see more women in leadership roles behind the gaming curtain, we learn of their multifaceted and dedicated motives.”

Read on to hear more from the women of Seriously!