National Student Employment Week

This week is National Student Employment Week— a week where colleges and students across the country recognize the importance of student employees. Students are vital to the life and atmosphere of Mizzou’s campus and the downtown area. Many business and departments on campus are staffed and managed by Mizzou students. This week, we want to take some time to share why student employment IS important and how what you are doing is worthwhile.

Financially, working in college can help you manage debt. According to a survey conducted by American Student Assistance, 73% of students put off saving for retirement to pay off student loans. By working in college, you are doing your future self a huge favor and relieving some of that financial stress.

Although juggling school and a job can be frustrating at times, working in college develops your time management skills. You may not be in school forever, but you will always have other commitments besides work. Whether that be your immediate family, new relationships, hobbies or fitness goals, having the ability to manage those precious 24 hours each day is a great skill to have.

The last point we want to make is that working in college expands your network. As you get older, the opportunity to accept more specialized jobs increases because your qualifications are constantly growing. With every new job comes new relationships that have the potential to lead you to your dream job.

Take some time today to appreciate all the hard work you put in and reflect on what it takes to be a student employee. I know sometimes it seems like a lot, but you my friend are setting yourself up for success.

p.s. Have a great example of something you’re learning as a student employee? Share it in a tweet and tag us @MUCareerCenter!