Office of Service Learning & MU Serves

Hey Tigers! Here is an interview with Elliot DeNard, a sophomore Business major, discussing his experience taking a service learning course where he volunteers at Derby Ridge Elementary.

How are you involved with the Office of Service Learning (OSL)?

This year, for two of my classes, I had to participate with OSL by volunteering, so I decided to do my volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club, specifically at the Derby Ridge Elementary location.

How do you think that has benefited you so far?

At the Derby Ridge location, it was great working with the kids. It’s really good to do service and work for the community and I did learn a lot. One of my classes I had to do it for was a business class and they basically asked me the same thing, “How can this service benefit you in the future?” and the answer to that was communication. I can guarantee you it was not easy dealing with those kids and communicating with the children, but I learned how to be patient, slow down, and talk to them.

How often do you volunteer at the school?

When it was required, I went about three times a week.

Would you advise other students to use this service?

Yes, definitely. OSL is a great thing because they keep track of your hours. A lot of the time, you could be volunteering, but you have no proof that you actually did it, especially in cases where you might need it for an organization. OSL takes care of you and gets you connected with different locations, there’s a bunch of different options, and they just have it really organized over there.

For those students who may not have the time to take a course, you can use the MU Serves website to find local volunteer opportunities. Click the link or go to the Office of Service Learning for more information!