Online Image

When looking for a job, a lot of the time we focus on our outward image— how to present ourselves to an employer, how to write a well-crafted resume and how to act in a professional manner. Just as important as our outward image is our online image. Online image is how we represent ourselves through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Believe it or not, some (most!) employers will google you to get to know you better. Whatever you post on social media goes into the public domain and is available for employers to access. Before you apply for a job, try googling yourself and see what pulls up! Go through your social media profiles and make sure everything that is visible is a good representation of who you are and how you want to market yourself. Be sure to go through your tagged photos as well.

Something you can do to improve your online image is create a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. You can get a professional photo taken, post about your latest job experiences and your career goals, as well as connect with employers. More likely than not, employers and recruiters will be looking you up on LinkedIn and it is extremely beneficial to have a “put together” account for them to look at. If you are having trouble setting up your LinkedIn account, please visit the Career Center or take a look at our Guide to LinkedIn for further information!

If an employer happens to see something on your profile before you got to polish your online image and confronts you about it, the best thing to do is be honest. Acknowledge what they bring up and assure them that is not a true reflection of the type of employee you would be. Overall, don’t post anything that may diminish your chances of getting a job. Always be conscious of how you are presenting yourself online and in person. For more information and tips, visit the Online Image section of our website.