Personal Self-Assessment

In the previous blog post, I talked about academic self-reflection and how to bounce back from your first round of exams. For this post, I am going to talk about more than just your educational achievement and focus on your personal reflection and career path. It is so important to continually check-in with yourself along your career journey. Here are some rituals that might be worth practicing:

Make a list of new interests and passions. After you finish studying for an exam, look back and remember the things that gave you life, the subjects and topics that peaked your interest or words your professor said that made you think about life in a different way. Write these things down and reflect on them. Use what you are learning to guide you towards pursuing a career you love.

Reassess your values. As a college student, you are constantly taking in new information about the world around you. Press into those hard conversations and challenging issues. Do the research and figure out where you stand so you can become even more grounded as you continue taking classes and talking to new people.

Know your strengths and how to utilize them. The Career Center offers an assessment called CliftonStrengths that tells you what your top 5 talent themes are. Talents are ways you naturally think, act, and feel; by recognizing and investing in these talents, you can build them into strengths.  After taking the assessment, a Career Specialist will sit down with you and help you figure out how you might aim your strengths to your future career goals. Knowing and building on your strengths can help you make smart decisions and reach your fullest potential.

Take time to fill out the Career Center Reflection Sheet. This worksheet is designed specifically to help you think about your skills, talents and past and future major considerations. Filling out a Reflection Sheet is a super helpful tool in sorting out your thoughts and goals. It gets things out of your head and onto paper so you can see things more tangibly.

All in all, take the time to slow down and evaluate both your academic and personal growth before you move forward. Don’t miss the valuable lessons that are right in front of you because you are moving too fast. Life is full of amazing learning opportunities and we need to take those extra steps to gain insight from them!