Preparing For Early Registration with Focus 2

Registration is going to be upon us soon. For a lot of students, it can be stressful to choose classes in a smart way when you’re still uncertain about what career, or even what major, it is that you want to pursue.

What is Focus 2?

Focus 2 is an interactive resource offered at the Career Center that students can use to narrow their job options and focus their planning. It assesses your level of readiness and what skills you have that could be of use in the workplace. For students starting their career path, Focus 2 tests their career preparedness with two evaluations and suggests practical improvements. If you’re uncertain about a career, Focus 2 offers personality and work interest tests, among others. It suggests occupations that match with your responses from each of the five tests. You can see which jobs are suggested multiple times, and save any job that appeals to you to look at later. From there, you can explore and evaluate job options. Each occupation explains the average salary, as well as common daily tasks and majors associated with the job. By taking the assessments and exploring Focus 2, you can plan your education with a goal in mind.

Why is Focus 2 helpful right now?

Focus 2 is especially necessary this time of year. With registration going on this month and next, Focus 2 helps you explore possible majors. Under the “Explore The Possibilities” section, you can compare two occupations of your choosing, taking into account the results of all assessments taken. Even if you don’t take each of the five assessments, you can still explore the occupations possible with any major, and see which majors are offered at the University of Missouri. The search can be narrowed by searching for jobs in a certain job family, if you already have a general idea of what you want to do. If you are considering graduate school, the jobs are also marked with what level of education is helpful for that job. Focus 2 can point any student in the right direction. If you can focus on a major, or even a certain job family, then you can begin to plan your courses accordingly. Finally, Focus 2 can build a customized report of the user’s results. This report can aid an academic advisor when suggesting and reviewing classes with you, and can give you ideas of what classes to bring up. No matter how ready you are for registration, Focus 2 can help you get a head start on the next semester, and furthermore, your career.