Promote Yourself!

You’ve been granted an interview opportunity and now you’re all over the internet looking up the best ways to ace it. Most people focus on the questions, but have you thought about who you’re up against? How are you going to persuade the employer to choose you over everyone else? Here are some key phrases to use when promoting yourself:

“I blend in any situation.” One of the best ways to elevate your chances is proving that you can adapt to any situation. Although most jobs require training, your new boss doesn’t have time to waste teaching you how to be a good employee. Describe different situations you’ve been in where you had to get out of your comfort zone, but still succeeded at your task.

“I am hard-working” This is considered a very broad and common statement meaning that you’re going to have to provide some examples to ensure this is true. What have you accomplished when given a task? How well do you make deadlines? How do you handle unexpected obstacles? Make sure that you show variety when giving these examples.

“I am a great listener with good interpersonal skills.” Being a good listener might not be the most desired trait, but your employer is going to want you to know how to work well with others. And that requires you being able to pay attention. At any time, one of your co-workers could come to you with an issue that could affect everyone’s work. Are you a good person to turn to?

“I am very knowledgeable in the field.” What experience do you have?! Whether you have a degree in the field or common skills that are needed to complete the job, you have what most employers are looking for. This makes it easier for them to trust you and proves you chose this job because you are well aware of how to handle the workload. Of course don’t get ahead of yourself and stay humble, but show your stuff!

There are plenty of other great ways to describe your talents in an interview. Show those stripes!

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