Reflecting for Future Happiness

Reflection is a common theme throughout life. As a junior in college, I’m always thinking back to a time when I was younger or when times were easier. I, also, ponder the things that I’ve learned in class and what I value. Reflection doesn’t have to be career or education based. It can be about personal growth as well.

Reflection comes easier to when you think about:

  1. Yourself first
  2. What you think would be satisfying in a career/work environment
  3. Assessing the skills you have and are capable of learning

Taking small chunks of time to pause and think about yourself is one of the easiest things a person can do to get in the habit of personal reflection. The questions from the article help by giving a foundation of what a person values and where they see themselves in life. Like, “Who are you?” and “What do you value?” is a good place to start. In my experience, the more I studied myself it has made my path through college more defined and visible.

Reflecting on your education and career is something that’s hard. A career path that aligns with a person’s values and strengths isn’t easy to find. This article helps combine personal reflection with career aspirations. A career environment that makes people happy and satisfied is one that provides something that they love doing, doing something they are good at, and being able to live comfortably with their pay. Finding the perfect combination of those three things can be challenging, but the more you know about yourself, it makes choosing a major and satisfying career path much easier.

Personally, I reflect on the daily. Through reflection, I was able to select the Strategic Communication program. The program aligns with my talents, values, and aspirations. I love communicating and helping others, which I get to do through this major and my future career. If I wasn’t aware about myself and what I need and want through a career, I wouldn’t have been able to pick this path.