Say “Yes” More Often


Alumni Spotlight

Kasey Hammock
Master’s of Public Affairs, 2018
Executive Director at First Chance for Children

Kasey’s career at First Chance for Children began as an undergraduate intern. Her experiences as an intern ignited her passion for childhood education and with hard work and a bit of happenstance, Kasey was able to secure her current position. Kasey emphasizes the importance of saying “yes” to opportunities – some of the extracurricular activities that she participated in as an undergraduate student ended up being some of her most memorable and impactful experiences. Some ways that students can get involved include:

  • Service learning: serving the Columbia/Mizzou community can be very fulfilling and may even steer you towards a career in service/non-profit work
  • Job shadowing: observing someone within a student’s desired profession can help them have a more realistic understanding of what daily life looks like in that field
  • Joining campus organizations: there are countless student organizations on Mizzou’s campus; for details on organizations/membership, head to MU Engage!
  • Working an on-campus job: through working, students gain numerous transferable skills that will make their transition into the workforce much smoother

She also urges students to take advantage of their professors’ expertise – attending office hours, discussing their experiences within their designated field, and establishing meaningful connections can be extremely valuable.