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COVID-10 Career Resources

We recognize that there are many unique challenges during this unprecedented time and we are here to support you with online resources and web-based advisement.

NOTE: Career Counseling is currently full and no longer accepting new clients.

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Career Resources

Online Career Resources & Tools 

These tools are available to you anytime and may be particularly helpful in this moment:

  • Handshake and Virtual Career Coaching Support – Students and alumni can login to this employment site to apply to internships & jobs, connect with the Handshake community, and schedule remote career coaching appointments.
  • Mizzou Career Tools – a searchable database of hundreds of career resources including links, handouts, videos and recommended sites for job searching, internships, relocation, interview prep, negotiation and more.
  • LinkedIn – Now more than ever you should be connecting with new contacts. Complete your profile and start networking on this site. 94% of recruiters are active on LinkedIn and since our interactions are limited to online platform, this is a must for job seeking students.
  • Career-On-Demand videos – Watch these recorded videos at your convenience for tips on stellar resumes, interviews, and cover letters.
  • Mizzou Mentoring – This online platform allows MU students and alumni of all different backgrounds to form meaningful connections regardless of your geographic location. Lean on a fellow Tiger to help you get to where you want to go!

Recently Unemployed or Furloughed

It can be stressful and overwhelming when facing job uncertainty, but there are resources to help connect workers displaced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Below you will find helpful information, resources, and job leads in essential industries seeking hires.

COVID-19 Search Strategies & Tools


This is a time for realistic optimism: there might be delays in your job search or a shift in your current career path but be prepared to think outside the box and look to industries that are seeking mass hires.

  • Reach Out: Reconnect with your network and establish new contacts. Reach out to old colleagues, college classmates, and potential employers who might help you find a job. There is no shame in telling people you are on the job hunt, especially at this unprecedented time.
  • Continue with Plan A, but create Plan B: Remember that back-up plans can still lead you to your long-term goals. Consider short-term opportunities to network, gain transferable skills, and ultimately forge a new path that might lead you to the same destination. Lower pay or a step down in job title is a reasonable tradeoff than having no job at all.
  • Look to booming industries: If you are able, find ways to align your skills to the companies, industries and jobs that are mass hiring. Healthcare, grocery, delivery, online learning, and remote communication companies need good employees right now. For places that offer primarily remote opportunities, check out these lists of top remote jobs and virtual companies.


Use time wisely to build your online image, get your documents ready, and engage in available virtual opportunities.

Make sure you realign your resumes and cover letters for different industries that you may now consider, in addition to revamping your documents geared toward your original target industry.

  • Make LinkedIn your go-to platform: Now is the time to ramp up your LinkedIn usage by researching connections and sending personalized invites to Mizzou alums and other professionals. You should also join professional groups, pay attention to your newsfeed, and request recommendations from contacts (and offer the same in return). Check out our quick tips and advice.
  • Use time at home to increase your skill set: Have some extra time to fill right now? Improve sought-after skills and continue to learn, all from home. Some examples of these resources might include  Google SkillshopHootsuiteLinkedIn LearningSkill Share, and more. Check out Ted talks about interesting topics and stay up-to-date with career advice sites that might give you an edge when putting yourself out there for competitive positions.


  • Chat online like a pro: Make sure you are portraying a professional image of yourself using a quiet, well-lit space with an appropriate background. Review this staging tips video and ideas on how to tackle a one-way (recorded) interview.
  • Join events and webinars: Everything is conducted virtually now, which does give you the benefit of being able to connect anywhere from your home. Take advantage of online career fairs, learning webinars, information sessions, and more. Check out all featured events on Handshake.
  • Meet employers where they are: Focus on searching and applying for jobs on company websites, social media and job search engines like Glassdoor, Indeed, Idealist, and LinkedIn. Set job alerts and follow hashtags to stay up to date on opportunities, and don’t forget to follow up after you apply to a position.

Staffing Firms

Staffing firms, also known as third-party recruiters, are agencies that recruit candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities for other employers in need of hires. Staffing firms are ideal for those who’ve had little success in their job search thus far, are planning to relocate or are uncertain of their post-grad plans.

Staffing firms offer candidate evaluations and match you with positions that are well-suited for your skills and abilities. These firms assist with the onboarding process and are free of charge. Fees are extracted from the hiring company, usually as a percentage of your salary that the agency negotiates. Upfront candidate fees are a tell-tale mark of a staffing company scam.


To find a staffing agency, please review the American Staffing Association’s online directory of reputable staffing firms or simply Google “staffing agency (city name and state)” to get results for staffing firms in your region.


Avenica: a self-described “career matchmaker,” Avenica builds a bridge between qualified, recent college graduates and employers with open career track, entry-level positions. Avenica works with corporate clients in banking, business, communications, logistics, manufacturing, finance healthcare, IT, insurance, retail and non-profits. They have offices in St. Louis, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

KForce: an award-winning professional staffing agency, KForce provides strategic partnership in the areas of technology, finance and accounting staffing. They have nearly 60 offices located throughout the U.S. and services are free of charge to candidates.

Kelly Services: offering a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services, Kelly Services provides temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire options. Kelly has expertise in matching candidates in education, government, IT, finance, law, marketing and science careers. Services are free of charge to job candidates and they have offices in all 50 states.

Other Recommended Resources

Don’t Forget Self-Care

This can be a very stressful time, so while conducting your job search and managing social distancing, be sure to do things to monitor and boost your mental health and overall well-being.

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.
  • Take care of your body. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Try free mindfulness apps like Headspace, Calm or Aura.
  • Eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. Try these free exercise apps.
  • Make time to unwind and do hobbies and activities you enjoy. Lots of sites are making content available for free like Audible, virtual museum tours, live-stream theater productions.
  • Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.
  • If you are feeling very overwhelmed or anxious, consider reaching out to mental health providers in your community.